The Super Sexy Paradiso Girls We caught up with the internationally-diverse Paradiso Girls during one of their rehearsals. The girls, who all hail from a different country, talk about what it was like working with Eve and Lil’ John, and how they all have their own musical tastes. Interested in dating one of them? The girls share one important rule every guy should know when trying to pick up a girl. Hosted by Michelle Marie. Distributed by Tubemogul.

25 thoughts on “The Super Sexy Paradiso Girls

  1. @Avalita07 i know right?! she wasnt fat, but a little bit chubby, and now she looks great!!! IM GLAD SHE IS HERE AND NO T IN PCD, because she would be under nicole…even thoug I still like PCD

  2. who knows the original song with music video on youtube ….. please write me an e-mail …. thank youuuu very much i love them but i didnt find the original song :’(

  3. wow the least know pussycat doll, became one of the hottest group of girls! good job chelsea! she actually can dance noww! BETTER:] lol i <3 her voicee:] and i think im wrong is that short blonde hair girl from Fame.?

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