London Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Week – First Face Countdown | FashionTV – FTV LONDON – FashionTV highlights the top models that opened the shows in London for our First Face countdown. An FTV First Face countdown features models who opened the most shows and represented the most brands internationally or in a big fashion city. In this case, it was during…
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Rather date an Amazon Babe or a Sexy Cyborg from another dimension? Watch Part 2 HERE! Watch Part 3 HERE! Subscribe! Story by Tom Small and Rusty Ward Written by Tom Small with Mark Douglas Music and vocals by Mark Douglas and Jake Chudnow ( ) Direction and Graphics by Tom Small Cyborg arm effect by Erik Beck Yellow Nerd: Erik Beck Red Nerd/Robot Singer: Tom Small Amazon Babe: Ami Lynn Sexy Cyborg: Lauren Francesca Barbarians/Ninjas etc: Mark Douglas, Rusty Ward, Jake Chudnow Arty Goth Girl/Astronaut: Regina Nigro Homecoming Queen: Andrea Feczko Cousin Steve: Michael Stevens Grandpa: Robert Ankers LYRICS I don’t wanna come home with the homecoming queen And those arty goth girls are too freaky for me. I don’t want a nice girl who’s good in the kitchen, I want an Amazon babe from another dimension! She’s got skimpy armor, and a sword to match: She never gets cold and never gets a scratch. She fights off ninjas, a hundred at a time- but that’s ok, ’cause they’re waiting in line. When she swings her sword she looks smoking hot- dodging bullets, ’cause they’re lousy shots. I’m addicted but I don’t want an intervention From my Amazon babe from another dimension. Amazon babe from another dimension! All the barbarians stand at attention Amazon babe from another dimension! Not like the ones at the comic convention The girl I want is made of metal and tubes- She’s a Sexy Cyborg, with adjustable boobs. She’s got skinny
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