Occupy Wall Street 9/24 – Woman dragged, girls pepper sprayed

Recently I’ve been posting about the protest at Occupy Wall Street, because the injustice of the economic system at the heart of the revolt there is a significant cause of my main concern, which is ecosystem collapse. The pillaging of wealth by a tiny but powerful segment is a related part of the converging catastrophes that loom ominously on the horizon…from climate change, peak oil and other resources, and exponentially growing overpopulation particularly. There are many blogs, books and organizations that exist to educate the public about the limits to growth for industrial society – or perhaps I should say, the threats posed by industrial society to life itself. And there are excellent thinkers who talk about the psychological and emotional burden that can be so difficult once people reluctantly become enlightened, and from whatever source, recognize the inherent unsustainability of human civilization as it has been expanding. For me, it was realizing that trees are dying – leaves are falling off, branches are breaking, cankers are swelling, weeping holes are appearing, bark is splitting, root systems are rotting and whole trunks are toppling over at a rate not explained by any natural influence. So for the most part I leave those other topics to writers far more qualified than I to expound upon, and do what I can to warn about the symtoms of tree decline. Very few experts are alerting the public to this urgent existential threat, as profound as coral bleaching
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Sometimes I think that the background music in anime is a bit underated so i decided to make a list and if you have any recommendations i would love to hear them. Hope you enjoy! I OWN NOTHING! 100: Lucky star, ran ran dayo 99: Haruhi Suzumiya no yutsuu, SOS dan shidou 98: Fullmetal alchemist, Kantou 97: Pandora Hearts, Melody Lacie 96: Naruto. Main theme 95: Samurai Champloo, Sneak Chamber 94: Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Standing Friends 93: Kanon, Yume No Ato 92: Code Geass R2, Check Mate 91: Fate stay night, Unmei No yoru 90: Naruto Shippuden, Lightning Speed 89: One Piece, Shinkensoubu 88: Bleach. Never Meant To Belong 87: Fairy Tail, Main Theme 86: Elfen lied, Neji 85: Spirited Away, Waltz of Chihiro 84: Clannad After Story, The Girls Fantasy 83: Inuyasha, Fate and Love 82: Higurashi No Nako Koro Ni Kai, Gekitotsu 81: Soul Eater, In His Mind DB Sways His Shoulders and Dances
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Pepper Power Pink Key Chain By UDAP 1/2oz Size Reviews

Pepper Power Pink Key Chain By UDAP 1/2oz Size

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Great looking pink pepper spray that is very compact. Just the right size for a key chain spray.

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