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DVD Available at: www.longtailnet.com Theres no good excuse for not seeing, Running Down A Dream. Its the female suburban version of Hoop Dreams. Phil Mushnick, New York Post What is it like to be the best? What does it take to get to the top? It is always a compelling subject. Now you can witness the process as it takes place. This documentary film offers the first in-depth look at the college recruiting process of the nations best point guard in womens basketball. But this is much more than a dedicated athletes story. Nicole Kaczmarski is a beautiful and fun-loving teenager with a dedicated father and a passion for the game. Her talent on the court was apparent at an early age and when she was invited to play on the high school varsity team as a twelve year old! This created a biter division between her divorced parents as her mother did not want her to play. Kaz moved out of her mothers house and her dad, Peter was given custody. The adventures that follow are enlightening to any family involved with a talented youngster.