Selena Gomez on her best friend, Demi Lovato

“Wizards of Waverly Place” has proven to be a big Disney hit, and we got a chance to talk to the show’s star about life as part of the Disney family. Hosted by Jill Wilderman. TWITTER HERE Join me on FACEBOOK HERE Watch original video here Click here to see what Selena thinks about Taylor Smith Watch Selena Gomez’s rise to stardom Watch our Demi Lovato and Jonas Brothers video Click here to find out what kind of car Demi drives Subscribe here More Young Hollywood vids
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A poor girl Reshma gets the opportunity of a lifetime when she gets to work with superstar Surya Kant in her debut film as Silk. Making good use of her off screen relationship with Surya Silk rises to the top in no time. However her honeymoon with success eventually ends when producers outcast her after her public feud with Suryakant. After her repeated failures in both personal and professional life Silk goes into depression. Watch to know what happens to Silk when she falls from grace.
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