Katy Perry – Video blogging late at night is hazardous to your health & probably your future shot of winning hottest girl ever award…ever (official video blog)

Guys, please dont let me video blog past midnight. I turn into this. I dont know who this is but that is who I turn into. BESIDES THAT. I HAVE SOME VERY IMPORTANT NEWS. DRUM ROLL PUH LEEZE (I love drummers! mmm!) Thank you for all your wonderful Record title name submissions they were HIGHlarious, retarded and brilliant all in one. I decided to call thee album One Of The Boys Yes. I am. but with biggg ta tas. I have always enjoyed the male species company especially when I am not pressured to make out with them and just crack open a beer so heres to you guys. MORE NEWS. Contrary to my website saying the record comes out on June 24th I have received many a threatening notes from young girls saying they are going to do something DRASTIC if they dont get the record in hand ASAP. SO we made it JUNE 17TH. YES, thats the same day the NEW COLDPLAY record comes out. So you can either make the love to the cold play record or circle circle dot dot now you got the kudeee shot to boys with MY record. Or do both in that order. OKAY. LAST ANNOUNCEMENT. I PLAY ON THE TELLY TONIGHT. Laaate AFTER Conan is a wonderful show called Last Call With Carson Daily. Its my first time on the television and I was actually nervous! Seriously. Im NEVER nervous maybe just cause I didnt wanna let anyone down? Im going to bed now but I thought you should hear it from the horses mouth rather through the grape vine. As Trevor (eatskeet.com) and I would say Lets give em something to blog about MWA!
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