Funny – Drunk People Scare Prank Season 2 Episode 12

Behind the scenes Facebook In this episode we go to the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Newport Rhode Island and scare a bunch of drunk people. The reactions in this episode are over the top ridiculous. I do not think we have ever been assaulted this much in one day. It was a blast. We may also have enough reactions to make a sequel to this. Stay Tuned! Next week we are going to playlist live in Orland Florida to scare a bunch of your favorite YouTube Personalities! Twitter Freaky is now on Tumblr Playlist of all the videos Am I funny enough to be Comedy King of the Web? You decide! You can vote up to ten times a day! Circle me? Google+ T-shirts & Hoodies Ending Music by Mike Mulah for Hip Hop Frat House Download Sugar Plum Dubstep Christmas on Itunes ‪ Music by Incompetech Sugar Plum Dark Mix royalty free Download here
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COMMENT: Who do you have beef with? What do you think of Cannon vs. Chelsea? | Nick Cannon and Chelsea Handler have been in the news recently for having a Twitter war. Which proves to me (Black Nerd) that goofy black guys like myself should start feuds with white chicks. So I turn to the women of YouTube and try to have beef with your favorite YouTube white girls. But what starts at beef ends up sounding more like compliments and date requests. Then I ask who you have beef with. WHO I (OBVIOUSLY DON’T) HAVE BEEF WITH (Felicia Day) TWEET ME: | FACE/SPACE: | BLACK NERD COMEDY: Sketches, Spoofs, Rants, Reviews, Vlogs, Events, Music and Stand-Up from Actor/Comedian, YouTuber and “Black Nerd” Andre Meadows. BLOG: | SHOP TAGS white women chicks girls ladies sexy hot nick cannon NickCannon chelsea handler ChelseaHandler war feud beef twitter 50cent youtube brittani louise taylor BrittaniLouiseTaylor BrittaniTaylor blt ijustine words HotForWords spricket24 lisanova olgakay mememolly felicia day FeliciaDay guild watchtheguild andreas choice AndreasChoice grape soda drink drank crush welch HowardStern eminem funny silly goofy laugh nerd BlackNerd BlackNerdComedy AndreMeadows vlog discussion HONORS: #47 – Most Discussed #89 – Most Viewed #43 – Top Favorited #30

Prank Scaring Old People with Funny Fake Farts

Google+ Like Freaky On FaceBook Official YouTube Channel Stalk Freaky Freaky the snowman was inspired while Jay from RIPFILMS who was having a conversation with Tom from ExtremeCostumes. Jay wanted to create a screamer video involving a snowman. Tom insisted on building a snowman costume, and after some brainstorming we came up with this crazy and funny idea. We knew right away that Brian from RedHeadFlute was perfect to pull off the prank. We give you Freaky the Scary Farting Snowman. Do you guys want to help spread the word about Freaky The Scary Snowman? Feel free to upload this video to your YouTube Channels! Free Download Here Freaky The Scary Snowman Follow RipFilms Like RipFIlms on FACEBOOK Learn how Freaky the snowman was built Follow Extremem Costumes Like Extreme Costumes on FACEBOOK The Farting Snowman Follow REdHeadFlute Like RedHeadFlute on FACEBOOK Freaky playlist Music by Sugar Plum Dark Mix Genre: Classical Length: 2:06 Instruments: Orchestra, Celesta, Choir, Percussion, Synths Tempo: 52 Tchaikovsky’s dance from the Nutcracker with lots of percussion and extra choirs. Dark, Humorous 2009 Download here
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Music video by NERD performing Hot-n-Fun. (C) 2010 Star Trak, LLC
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