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Anime Expo 2010, Super Smash Bros. gathering and Black Nerd on Japanese TV. Watch in HD | http DESCRIPTION: I went to Anime Expo 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. While I was there, I got to talk to a transforming cosplayer, attend a Nintendo / Super Smash Bros. cosplay gathering (where I interviewed Link & Dark Link, Bowser Jr. & Petey Piranha, Pit, Ice Climbers & a forgotten character, the lead from Mischief Makers 64) PLUS make a guest appearance on Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) Revolution TV (Kakumei TV), where I played Super Mario complete with cape and Yoshi from Mario World. BONUS VIDEO: Singing Pokemon Theme with “Elvis Jigglypuff” (COMING SOON) HONORS: #9 – Most Discussed (07.12.10) – Travel & Events #27 – Top Favorited (07.12.10) – Travel & Events #18 – Top Rated (07.12.10) – Travel & Events #14 – Most Discussed (07.13.10) – Travel & Events #86 – Most Viewed (07.13.10) – Travel & Events #19 – Top Rated (07.13.10) – Travel & Events #44 – Most Discussed (Week of 07.12.10) – Travel & Events #63- Top Rated (Week of 07.12.10) – Travel & Events INTERNATIONAL HONORS: #52 – Most Viewed (07.12.10, 07.13.10) – Travel & Events – Canada #64 – Most Viewed (07.12.10) – Travel & Events – New Zealand #73 – Most Viewed (07.13.10) – Travel & Events – New Zealand YOU: | TWIT: | FACE: TAGS: Black Nerd Comedy BlackNerd Anime Expo 2010 Los Angeles California Convention
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The 17 Hottest Comic Book Cosplay Girls

Use the address below to see the full list! Comic-Con 2011 is right around the corner and every year the convention brings everything any Fanboy, Geek or Nerd could possibly want. They have industry exclusives, early screenings of highly anticipated movies, meet and greets with your favorite stars past and present, limited edition action figures, games, comics and finally, COSPLAY! To be more specific, hot, nerdy, geeky girls all dressed up as their favorite bikini clad superheroine. This year we bring you the The 17 Hottest Comic Book Cosplay Girls. I searched Google images for over 9 hours looking for the most popular costumes and the hottest girls wearing them. There’s well over 100 pics. ENJOY!
Video Rating: 4 / 5