STACY FRANCIS – “Up To The Mountain” (BEST PERFORMANCE?) – The X Factor USA 11/2/11 SHOW REVIEW!

Stacy Francis – “Up to the Mountain” closed tonight’s X Factor USA episode. Drew Ryniewicz – ‘Just A Dream” was kind of disappointing. (MY THOUGHTS) The X Factor USA 11/2/11 (Season 1, Episode 11) show review! Live performances from the top 12, with the audience vote eliminating one contestant on tomorrow night’s episode. PERFORMANCES: Stereo Hogzz – Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson Chris Rene – “Superstar” LeRoy Bell – “I’m Already There” by Lonestar Rachel Crow – “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves Lakoda Rayne – “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac Josh Krajcik – “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri Melanie Amaro – “Desperado” by the Eagles Astro – “Hip Hop Hooray” InTENsity – “Kids in America/Party Rock Anthem” by Kim Wilde/LMFAO Drew Ryniewicz – “Just a Dream” by Nelly Marcus Canty – “Beautiful Girls/Every Little Step” by Bobby Brown Stacy Francis – “Up to the Mountain” by Patty Griffin RATE THUMBS UP / COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE SHOW / SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS. The X Factor US official website: Thanks to MJ’s Big Blog for their recap that I read from: ATTENTION FOX REPRESENTATIVES / YOUTUBE STAFF: This video is a review that I created to critique an episode of The X Factor US My video has a custom thumbnail that is an enabled feature for YouTube partners. While there are pictures from the show, they are photos that I modified in Adobe Photoshop. This is legal under fair use law. My thumbnail is so different from any actual
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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49 thoughts on “STACY FRANCIS – “Up To The Mountain” (BEST PERFORMANCE?) – The X Factor USA 11/2/11 SHOW REVIEW!

  1. @willygca1 r u serious? are you tone deaf?

    My sister thinks like you which surprised me please listen to Stacey’s last performance it was horrendous all over the place not Xfactotr material more like bad karaoke or some lady trying way to hard and hitting all the wrong notes.

    Don’t be fooled by her sob story she has connections with Tom Cruise and Broadway, with a voice like that I have no idea how but it’s true.

  2. @Gonk really?? i usually see this kind of comments to amazing singers in american shows, i really can`t understand you guys…

  3. I thought Stacey was the worst of all of them it should have been her sent home, I don’t know what the judges or the show is trying to rig with her but she plain sucks.

  4. I do have to also mention that RhythmsOfLove is pretty right on. They usually have a day and a half to learn their song plus do a bunch of stuff for the show almost every day, then they do dress rehersal and last-minute stuff & finally the performance & they have to hope America likes it enough to vote 4 them. Oh and I HATE Astro & think he NEEDS 2 go home because he’s cocky, irritating and DEFINITELY NOT worth $5 million.

  5. Ok, 1: better job not looking around billion places like the other video (last week’s I think…by last week I mean the oct. 26 one.) 2: The main thing you’re doing that irritates me somewhat is the hands thing. (using them a bit much). I had to ff because of that. Is that a habit or something?? (just wondering because you seem to do that a lot in almost every vid I’ve seen of you.) Overall you did a bit better than last wk’s.

  6. @RhythmsOfLove I appreciate the honest comment. Constructive criticism like this is something I need, not just “omg ugly fag!”

  7. hey dude. good news first: i appreciate your honesty & that you’re not swayed by the judges’ comments. however, i think you need to consider the stress the contestants face on the show, having to learn new songs & make it their own almost overnight. Maybe they had more time to practice their audition songs thus their auditions were better. these rookies are trying their best & it’s their uniqueness/marketability that the judges are looking for, not necessarily the strongest voice/stage presence.

  8. @jrfm2288 I guess if I want to make videos about the WWE, I have to be a professional wrestler? Only in your world, it seems.

  9. I think people like you should not make response videos to shows like X Factor or American Idol. It’s not just you that I think should just STOP making videos, everyone that does them. Lakoda Rayne are my favorite, and you sit there and say what crap they are, but that’s not even the part that pisses me off. The reason why you just shouldn’t make videos is because I’d like to see you try to even audition for a show like that. These people have talent. You don’t. Stop talking please.

  10. @3xBlOnDex3 Look at the comments, some people are actually talking about The X Factor. That is the intention of these videos, you can go kiss your dog or whatever it is you do away from the computer.

  11. your so dumb no one is going to watching your dumb ass face talking .you need to stop these stupid videos know one cares about your opinions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A LIFE INSTEAD OF SITTING INFRONT OF A COMPUTER FOR HOURS

  12. your so dumb no one is going to watching your dumb ass face talking .you need to stop these stupid videos know one cares about your opinions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. @1337Battl3r Weren’t you somebody who used to leave nicer comments on my videos? I didn’t tie my hair back last night for my X Factor video if it matters so much. A lot of people complain that I should cut my hair, so tying it back was my attempt to appease them.

  14. @zebracrunk
    I agree, the song choices aren’t the best.. but he still does a great job& makes them worth listening to.[:

  15. @angelavance You don’t like different opinions? I’m not a fan of the songs he’s been singing lately, not so much that he’s not talented or anything.

  16. dude… I was going to say “I keep watching this vid because of Shamikah”… but now that I see that I’m not alone I will say that Shamkah’s incredible cuteness makes her sexy…. I’m in love love.

    oh, you rock.

  17. @BlackNerdComedy How do you feel about the Shoop Da Whoop meme? Some black people I’ve talked to say they think it’s funny but I don’t. The reason I ask is because it’s popular amongst the anime/gaming community.

  18. Thumps up if you saw him in a SUBWAY commercial the part where the Black Guy falls through the wood boardwalk. When I saw the commercial the first time I realizes that guy is on Youtube I started to laugh.

  19. @csandreas Ya cool dude it was a joke, the difficulty you had in understanding that leads me to believe you are a real nerd, the kind that will have it hard after high school. (haha another joke, you’ll get the hang of it)

  20. @greekhop I’m a nerd too.. and I’m way un-awkward with girls… thats a myth dude. After high school nerds have it easy.

  21. Hey Andre, you watch Top Chef? I hate the show. IMO, its wrong and utterly inappropriate for some elitists self appointed judges to condemn and criticize cooks in a CONTEST. Anyway, gourmet food is food for vanity’s sake. I prefer traditional food. I would never trade a good piece of steak for all the crazy ass gourmet foo foo shit in the world.

  22. @BlackNerdComedy Andre BlackNerd!!! SHOW ME THE CARFAX!!! Lol i just saw that commercial last night and was thinking “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!” Its BlackNerd! … it ok, i’m a BlackGeek! lol

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