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The Reel Good Show premiere episode is so sexy with our first guest Obama Girl aka Amber Lee Ettinger. Please tell us what you think of the show: Comment, Rate, Favorite, and Subscribe! The Reel Good Show has Viewer Interaction, Live Streaming Shoots, and More! Go to www.indymogul.com to learn how we produce the show and how YOU can be part of it! Website – www.TheReelGoodShow.com Indy Mogul on twitter – http Bobby Miller on twitter – www.twitter.com Facebook Fan Page: www.indymogul.com Best of Obama Girl – www.youtube.com More Bobby Miller – www.BestShortFilmsInTheWorld.com http Amber’s ’10 Second Self-Promotion’: www.AmberLeeOnline.com http www.MySpace.com www.YouTube.com

Greece’s Next Top Model S2 / E15 – ANT1 GR ( 07/02/2011 )
Video Rating: 4 / 5

46 thoughts on “Obama Girl, Sexy Cartoons : Reel Good Show

  1. παιδιά, ξέρει κανείς το κομμάτι που μπαίνει στο 0:06:31 ;
    είναι πολύ σημαντικό!

  2. @frogoulas Αφού δεν τις νοιάζει αυτό αλλά μόνο το πως θα γίνουν διάσημες και το πως θα τραβήξουν τα φώτα επάνω τους…

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