Most Awesome – Couple Pranks

update – revenge – — Many couples try new things to keep a relationship spicy, but with this couple it’s a miracle they’re still together to prank each other another day. You may have seen some of their exploits – here are five of their best.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 thoughts on “Most Awesome – Couple Pranks

  1. Hitting him hard on the head is funny? Wth?! She could’ve caused a countless number of head injuries smh

  2. all girlz dont kick guys in the nuts unles u like ur head riped off I saw a chick kick a guy in the nuts he slammed her so hard she broke a rib an she was a cop!

  3. Olga you don’t need make up. Most girls don’t need make up. You are still hotatatatatat as Toby says and more.

  4. @theone1902 :( lol so weird how i stumbled back to this video right after watching their “moving out” videos!

  5. Actually, i did find out that the whole illegal to throw footballs and frisbees thing only affects the Los Angeles Beaches. San Diego is safe!!!! :D

  6. Did you know it’s either illegal or going to be illegal to throw a football on a California beach?? Ridiculous!

  7. Thats very rude, now normally i would go blast on someone like you!
    but im just fucking sick and tired of little ass imature kids talking crap over youtube, like really?

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