Models – Isabeli Fontana & Candice Swanepoel – 2011 Fashion Week | FashionTV – FTV

LIKE THIS SONG? GET IT NOW: MILAN – Two top models are featured in this FTV Models clip. The first, Candice Swanepoel opens the Blumarine show with model Coco Rocha following close behind. Candice is a South African model from Mooi River in 1988. This season, she also…

21 thoughts on “Models – Isabeli Fontana & Candice Swanepoel – 2011 Fashion Week | FashionTV – FTV

  1. @iraqilynn that is correct. But ” Born in Mooi River on 1988″ is not wrong. It can be used either way.

  2. @iraqilynn Are you retarded? The correct term is born ON. Not born in. She was born IN Mooi River, and she was born ON 1988.

  3. now these two are what models should be, the whole package not just tall like models these days (karlie,arizona) the face the body the walk impossibly gorgeous human beings

  4. its so weird to see both these gorgeous women with normal clothes on because i usually see them in lingerie for Victoria Secret.

  5. I can’t choose;both are stunning. I wonder if Isabeli is of italian heritage.She reminds me of those italain actresses from back in the day.

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