Master P-Hot Boys & Hot Girls

Track from the album “MP Da Last Don”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Master P-Hot Boys & Hot Girls

  1. My favorite line in this song,”I’m that lightnin in bad wheather,i’m that nigga in that picture on ya girlfriend’s dresser.Mstikal went in on this track.

  2. I’m Tha Boss On Ya Cell, I’m Tha Fire Down In Hell! I’m Tha Ice Cream Bail, I’m Tha Gas U Pump At Shell! Nigger I’m Tha Wheels On A Tank, I’m Tha Million Dollars That U Want From The Bank! I’m Tha Diamond On The Ring, I’m Ur Brains When U Think, I’m Ur Consience Doing Ur Drinks, I’m More J Without A Sjank! Nigger I’m Tha In it Fucking MOB, I’m Tha Clothes That U Wear When U Wanna Jump Shot, I’m Tha Super In Dome, I’m Tha Seeing Clown, I’m Tha Hurricane That Knocked Down Ur Fucking Home! LAST DON

  3. ppl hatin on master p and no limit are stupid..this song was classic….betta than alot of the shit comin from south now….master p made that hate all u want..he made the music for the south!!

    i love this album..had bone thugs on it also…

  4. i aint no ho, i aint no punk, i aint no bitch, i aint no fag, i aint no sucka, i aint no trick, i aint no snitch, i aint no rat realest line in the song

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