Marcus Canty – “Piece Of My Heart” (BEST PERFORMANCE?) – The X Factor USA 11/16/11 SHOW REVIEW!

Marcus Canty – “Piece Of My Heart” closed tonight’s X Factor USA episode. Josh Krajcik singing “The Pretender” was also a great performance. The X Factor USA 11/16/11 (Season 1, Episode 15) show review! Live performances from the top 10, with the audience vote eliminating one contestant on tomorrow night’s episode. PERFORMANCES: LeRoy Bell – “Why Don’t You Stay” by Bob Seger Rachel Crow – “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones Chris Rene – “No Woman No Cry” by Bob Marley Stacy Francis – “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” by Meatloaf Melanie Amaro – “Everybody Hurts” by REM Josh Krajcik – “Never Surrender” by Foo Fighters Astro – “I’ll Be Missing You” by Puff Daddy, Faith Evans, and 112 Lakoda Rayne – “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac Drew Ryniewicz – “With Or Without You” by U2 Marcus Canty – “Piece Of My Heart” by Janis Joplin RATE THUMBS UP / COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE SHOW / SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS. The X Factor US official website: Thanks to MJ’s Big Blog for their recap that I read from: ATTENTION FOX REPRESENTATIVES / YOUTUBE STAFF: This video is a review that I created to critique an episode of The X Factor US My video has a custom thumbnail that is an enabled feature for YouTube partners. While there are pictures from the show, they are photos that I modified in Adobe Photoshop. This is legal under fair use law. My thumbnail is so different from any actual video that it does not look like your content at all. This custom
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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50 thoughts on “Marcus Canty – “Piece Of My Heart” (BEST PERFORMANCE?) – The X Factor USA 11/16/11 SHOW REVIEW!

  1. Chris Rene is an R&B and rap artist. If you listen to Chris Rene’s originals you would think different. He can sing but he needs to sing his way. Not the way X-factor is forcing him to sing. If he could sing his own music he would destory everyone except Josh Krajcik.

  2. Out of the singers that are left, I’d pick Drew, Josh & Rachel for top three. Drew needs to change her tempo & not sound so depressing all the time. Josh needs to let his vocals loose and sing like we know he can. Rachel will probably win because she has the baby cute factor, (Great for the pre-teens) & the judges are looking for the next Justin Beaver take to market. I’m not really a fan of rap but Astro is working on his bad boy image which I’m sure will help him in his career.

  3. This has got to be the worst group of singers I’ve heard. They sang no justice to the Rock & Roll genre. Where’s Dexter when we needed him.

  4. I agree with you that Josh was the best act for the night.

    Chris Rene doesn’t have the best singing voice I agree with you there, but in his case it doesn’t matter, because at the end of the day hes the one most people are gonna buy records from.

  5. @patriotsguy33 Some contestants can sing more than one genre. Drew could easily try something up tempo and “fun”, while others have genres that they should avoid. For example, Melanie should attempt a real rock song. I think it would be great. However, Astro can only rap. He can’t sing. Most theme nights will work against him. I’m aware that I can occasionally contradict myself. I don’t take notes, and read song names from a blog. The rest is my own opinion, which I almost make up on the spot.

  6. @Direwolf181 I said Astro shouldn’t sample a rock song, yet he still did fine. Chris can add rap to anything he wants, if it’s GOOD.

  7. @miketh2005 I am doing my own reviews. I READ performance names from a blog, that’s all. What good is it to repeat somebody else’s opinion?

  8. I felt like the review was very good. I also believe you were contradicting yourself when you kept repeating “Contestants need to step out of their comfort zone” and then you said for a few contestants “This song is not you.” can you give me a better explanation there. Thanks.

  9. If Astro keeps up the attitude, he will be going home soon. He is a great rapper. However, I have never liked his attitude since from the time he auditioned. He was very rude to Simon during his audition. Although that was all an act, I still did not like it and from that moment I have always had a bad taste in my mouth about Astro…Although he will be one of the best rappers ever(we will see him again after Xfactor because he is going to be huge), his attitude sucks. My opinion only….

  10. Your such a fucking hypocrit… so Astro can rap a rock song but Chrs can’t add Rap? Plus Astro was a complete brat tonight… I’m sorry I’m done with him…

  11. I like your passion & I think you’re quite good!
    I feel Josh is the best out there! Every single performance is soulful & original, authentic!
    I can’t help it! I just think he is a real, real deal!!!

  12. I didn’t understand the song they picked in relevance to their voice ranges..those that have range anyway. for the girl group why not the bangles or heart…..and actually listen to the song and try to match the vocals?i personally wanted to hear crajik attempt bet he’d also rock to some Stevie ray. but I absolutely agree with you..leroy should have attempted journey…one of the rappers should have attempted Brooklyn…

  13. I really think that Drew needs to branch out and do different types. I voted for Lakoda Rain because I really feel bad for Paula. Even though they’re not very good, I will feel so bad for Paula if they leave. I also felt bad for Stacy (She was on Disney channel?!?!?! I wtach Disney too and I’m in hifh school!) because she was getting pounded with insults. :’( I’m getting sick of Chris Rene too. I want him to leave tonight. My prediction whos leaving: Lakoda Rain, Chris Rene, Leroy, or Stacy.

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