Lowrider Magazine: Los Angeles Super Show – Classic Tour ’95

Witness the behind the scenes action at the world’s largest Lowrider event-the Los Angeles Super Show. See what it really takes to be a top competitor in the Lowriding sport, as the go mano a mano” for the Lowrider of The Year honors! Don’t miss all the action at the number one Lowrider show on the planet.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

11 thoughts on “Lowrider Magazine: Los Angeles Super Show – Classic Tour ’95

  1. Loco 64′s owner was disgusted after that show….he realized what all of us allready knew. That it was all politics and money that rulled at the lowrider super show (as far as lowrider of the year) and he was done with the bull shit!!

  2. lowrider magazine fell off its all rim ads and some of the cars they put in the magazine suck when alberto lopez owned it it was cool

  3. forget that pimp my ride show and speed racer cars looking like oo7 there should be a low rider show on t.v

  4. I wish they brought this back to l.a. the gangs had to fuck it up but it was all part of the lowrider experience.

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