InTENsity ELIMINATED / Outasight “Tonight’s The Night” – The X Factor USA 11/3/11 SHOW REVIEW!

The X Factor USA – Intensity is eliminated, Outlast performs “Tonight Is The Night”, and much more! ~ The X Factor USA 11/3/11 (Season 1, Episode 12) show review! BOTTOM 2: InTENsity Stereo Hogzz BOTTOM 2 PERFORMANCES: InTENsity -”My Life Would Suck Without You” by Kelly Clarkson Stereo Hogzz – “Emotion” by Barbara Streisand and Barry Gibb ELIMINATED: InTENsity TOP 11 CONTESTANTS: Marcus Canty Drew LeRoy Bell Astro Lakoda Rayne Rachel Crow Chris Rene Josh Kracjik Melanie Amaro Stacy Francis The Stereo Hogzz Group performance: the top 12 sing “Without You” by David Guetta Guest performance: “Tonight’s The Night” – Outasight

25 thoughts on “InTENsity ELIMINATED / Outasight “Tonight’s The Night” – The X Factor USA 11/3/11 SHOW REVIEW!

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  2. I don’t know what ur taking about outasight has probably accomplished way more than u have your like 25 and live with your mom

  3. Why are people hating on this dude? lol.
    Good video, can’t say I agreed with everything you said but I do agree that inTENsity deserved to stay… Sure there may not be a place in the market for them, but I think them putting the Stereo Hogzz through was very very biased.

  4. I block people because I don’t enjoy getting multiple hate comments from the same idiots. Are you stupid? There’s no point in arguing with halfwits who ignore the subject of my videos and decide to call me names.

  5. Outasight is a poser? Look at you! Your a loser who isnt doing anything with your life..ive been a friend of his.since he first started and hes worked so hard for his shot….ps you look like beans.from even stevens

  6. More idiots using their opinions as fact. Go play with your Hot Topic glasses, baby boy. I have a job, by the way.

  7. Fucking loser. You obviously don’t know music. Astro’s got a cool style and Outasight is practically the definition of real music. Seriously go listen to some of his studio tracks. Poser? I wouldn’t be talking, asshole. Seriously, get away from your shitty webcam and find a job. Bitch.

  8. I fail to see what your problem is with my videos. I’m in school and have a job, which conveniently is making these reviews. Do you have a job?

  9. dude! you`re patetic, go and have a nice hair cut first and then go the school or get a job, and a few words, get a life of your own, you sock man

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