The more likes the better chance of giveaways soon :D Have you went flawless yet in a game? Maybe you should start to get more tactical and learn the maps and your guns. Some guns will give you better chances of success in each gun fight, along with just a smart play style. This gameplay is a flawless MOAB gameplay on Bakarra. Let me know how many MOABs you’ve had in Modern Warfare 3! I hope you enjoy! Leave any comments you would like :D all them a read and it really does count! Follow Me Here Twitter: – Also on Facebook Now livestreaming every few nights Follow the link http:/// ——————————————————————————————————— MOAB Mw3 modern warfare 3 nuke tips and tricks how to go flawless juggernut killstreak osprey gunner pp90m1 guns perks glitches youtube viral videos college girls get laid bro how to series life stories sex sexual experiences top commentators gameplays iamtheattack iamdatyoungbull davidbrowntv fuzzyotterballs opticnation optic predator hecz grizz baby zirgrizz mw3 gameplay moab “moab tips and tricks” help flawless nuke call of duty modern warfare 3 mw3 gameplay moab “moab tips and tricks” help flawless nuke call of duty modern warfare 3 mw3 gameplay moab “moab tips and tricks” help flawless nuke call of duty modern warfare 3 mw3 “osprey gunner” killstreak new pointstreak tips tricks call of duty “modern warfare 3″ multiplayer gameplay

25 thoughts on “How to Get a FLAWLESS MOAB!

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  2. how titles pretty stupid no shit you gotta be flawless to get a moab you cant have 1 death 5 deaths, any one good video :) I liked

  3. How to Get a FLAWLESS MOAB???

    Have a fast internet connection. The #1 player in the world for mw3 was the dotcom guy- who was the co-founder of megaupload- obviously he had a beastly connection.

  4. M4A1 is good, but secondary… try use another pistol, USP is not the best pistol. :) If you want to use USP, then use it, i will not stop you. :)

  5. i always get close to a moab one game i was 32-0 with assault and i had a 22 gunstreak and had 2 assist running harline with it i actually had 23 gunstreak and some asshole corner camper shoots me i was like FUCK and raged quit

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