Hottest Girls/Guys Are In Canada: Wasaga Beach 2/2

We continue to explore the beach to find out what kind of beachwear girls and guys like. Once again, the hottest girls and hottest guys are in Canada for sure. Fashion Studio7 http
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25 thoughts on “Hottest Girls/Guys Are In Canada: Wasaga Beach 2/2

  1. that’s not Canada!
    1.we like the bikini
    2.sure you see a black here or there in Canada, But never that many in on place! …..well you do on the news.

  2. @diamondcalves maybe you should take a look outside your window, all ull find is a polluted trashed up country, also knowns as, america.

  3. @diamondcalves i honestly pity how pathetic and stupid you are. the funny thing is you searched for something along the lines of canada, beach, girls just to troll….how do i know this? look at the related videos, there was no way in hell you came across this video acidentally.

    your another stupid american making their country look worse then it is

  4. @diamondcalves trust guy this beach is bumpin this must have been filemd on a weekday, the weekends are packed full wtih sexy ass hoes

  5. The idiot gyals don’t want to be seen with an impotent flat ass skinny legged bear belly belly 1 pack man with man boobs bigger than her own. So they hide the embarrassment behind long ass shorts to the floor. Goofs for cold boring chicks. Wanna beer? ehh? If you are proud you don’t have to hide unless you are shy or have anxiety. Canadian chicks have no taste as usual!

  6. Boring.must be Canada
    nuff said. No shape and women are cold with no taste as usual. Speedos are NOT for those who have to hide the nightmare with stick legs. Dumb Canadian girls like to be lied to. Is this a beach??? The deception continues. God looking from Montreal with man boobs and a one pack??. God bless America my home sweet home! AMEN

  7. I’m sorry, but Wasaga is so miniscule in the world of sick beaches…

    It may be all Canada has but still….don’t waste your time coming here. Deadmau5 or Benni Benassi might make an appearence once every couples years…but that’s about it.

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