Hottest Girls/Guys Are In Canada: Wasaga Beach 1/2

Fashion Studio7 finds out what kind of beachwear girls and guys like. The hottest girls and hottest guys are in Canada for sure. http
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25 thoughts on “Hottest Girls/Guys Are In Canada: Wasaga Beach 1/2

  1. ya i used to go to that beach , way wAY too much police everywhere , its like you cannot do anything without getting harrased by the cops there , luckily i moved out of canada and can enjoy laying on the beach without seeing overpaid fat and ugly cops everywhere .

  2. “Speedos are European”. Just a dumb assumption. I was in Europe last year, and the guys wore boxer shorts at the beach, just like here. Me, I’m CDN, and I always wear speedos at the beach because I look good in them. I don’t wear anything over my eyes, some women said I have pretty eyes! And I’m always barefoot at the beach

  3. @Stefler06 well u should go I go there at least once every year and it’s really fun the beach may be kind of shallow but sometimes the waves can be pretty good :)

  4. This is pretty idiotic. And most of the people commenting are even more idiotic. I lived here for 17 years and it is for more then just looking at people. Also.. All the fucking idiots from the city that come down here EVERY YEAR thinking they own the place. Cocky fuckers if you ask me, Can’t drive, Extremely Rude.. and WAY more that I don’t feel to be said right now. But the people posting are even more stupid. It is a great place, World Famous and Largest FRESH water beach in the WORLD.

  5. @MickScarborough ok ok Florida has really really sick beaches!!! But honestly Wasaga Beach is very nice beach for Ontario!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The guy at the end is nuts. They have better beaches than Florida? Obviously he has never been to Florida in his life. The beaches here have real white sand, not that grey shit and our chicks dont have that fat stomach like at 1:07

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  8. @chikapoochoo Yet they are the first people you will call whn your car gets stolen, your home gets burglarized or you get your ass beat down by a thug. Hipocrite.

  9. Damn straight i was in Wasaga last week i was walking down the strip going to DQ some hot blonde (17) comes up to me taps me on the shoulder says im cute (im 16) and she wanted to go out :)
    I said yes i was nervous but i got over it after the first night at her house ..

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