Girls Aloud – Sexy! No No No… – HD [Tangled Up Tour DVD]

Girls Aloud performing Sexy! No No No… Live at the O2 Arena, as shown on the Tangled Up Tour DVD. Make sure to click the watch in HD button to get the best quality, even in fullscreen! Note: The ‘watch in HD’ option may not appear for possibly up to a day or two, depending on how long YouTube takes to render the HD stream. (c) 2008 Fascination / Polydor Records

25 thoughts on “Girls Aloud – Sexy! No No No… – HD [Tangled Up Tour DVD]

  1. WOW…i am not really a big fan of girls aloud…but after watching this,I’m seriously gonna start Loving them!!!! one helluva performance!!!!!!!!!

  2. what an amazing opening to the show! :D i’m sorry but the saturdays, sugababes etc. don’t even come close to these girls for me. brilliant

  3. i’m kinda glad they took a break….it just meant that they all had a go at their own stuff and they didn’t get bored of each other!…that way they still seem really close and a reconciliation is pretty much definate!! :)

  4. i swear the UK comes out w/ the BEST music.
    Beatles, Spice Girls, Elton John & GIRLS ALOUD!!

    I’m so sad, i’m like the ONLY one in the US that loves them. :(

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