Driving Sports TV – 2011 Hyundai Sonata Reviewed & Jetta TDI Cup Timed

In this episode the crew introduces the new format, and tests the 2011 Hyundai Sonata GLS: a car that lands a sucker-punch in the mid-size segment. Plus: we take the project Mazda RX-8 and Volkswagen TDI Cup Special Edition around our new City Course track. Follow the hosts on Twitter: @rdouthit, @highspeedaaron and @jessiehendricks or the show @drivingsports

25 thoughts on “Driving Sports TV – 2011 Hyundai Sonata Reviewed & Jetta TDI Cup Timed

  1. wow this is a great review , this is how you suppose to review a car, on these type of tracks not like those other websites where they put a pretty to review a car that does not know what she’s talking about and everything was coached and scripted

  2. I think that your are very cute and sexy, Jessie. You have a great smile, I like the color of your eyes and your hair. You have good camera/stage presence too. I would like to see more of you giving commentary and review of the cars. Sorry, Arron.

  3. because the rx8 is a sports car, and the sonata is a full sized sedan.

    the rx8 is a quick car, and has supirior handling… the hyundai on the other hand is just a sedan.

    the objective of compairing the 2 is to see how close the hyundai can come in compairison to a true sports car.

  4. Other internet reviews for the Sonata mentioned road noise.  Are they just being fussy or is the Sonata not the best choice for a comfy quiet highway experience?

  5. Ah.. .but they are testing cars that are in the budget of most people. not cars that cost more than 3 times the average annual income..

  6. Ah.. .but they are testing cars that are in the budget of most people. not cars that cost more than 3 times the average annual pay..

  7. You can really tell the guy driving the Rx8 is an idiot. If you listen to the engine you can tell the car is barely hitting 4k RPM and everyone that owns a rotary engine knows rotaries only perform it’s best at higher revs… You can even hear him shift at about 5k RPM. 9.5K REV LIMIT HELLO? The best time to shift is about 8.7k. But, seriously 0:55:16?? I got better track times at an autocross with a much larger track and mines completely stock besides a Mazdaspeed suspension & swaybars.

  8. Sonata is awesome, best car i own right now, out of honda accord, camry, and the 2010 jetta
    hands down.

  9. , Hey poor boy, want to impress your chick real good with your thin wallet, go for 2011 Genesis, dual turbo 2.4 gdi II, She will be freaked out, & fall in love with it, & may run away with it.. kh kh kh kh

  10. ,, Typical laggard, always steps behind in perceiving reality, & remain as loser to many smart ones who quickly discern, with sharp judgment, & get the best… Yours & chick’s vanity head still swimming in old stale name tags? To show off ?, Mercedes, Bmw, Lexucks.. all these miserable losers to Hyundai’s mid~ High Lx, lines from 2011 models? Or at best Ferra’ Rambodicky ?.. If Hyundai dig into that price range sports car, they’ll produce 2 times better, half the price ones, noTime

  11. Sonata is really stupid, you must drive one right? How many chicks do you get with your ugly korean car?

  12. to add… I bought my jetta at a sticker price of $25,999 on managers special at the San Juan Capistrano dealership. Also, it has the DSG transmission.

  13. I own a 2010 jetta TDI cup and I am saying right now that I can put my car through that course faster than that. I know for a fact, and still get 38mpg doing it. Once you break in a diesel, it gets better gas mileage. I can contest to that.

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