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Q: Will you miss Hannah Montana? What will Miley do next? RIP HANNAH MONTANA (Series Finale) : Black Nerd Comedy – Hannah Montana Forever airs its final episode. I say goodbye with a “Hannah Montanalogue” featuring lyrics from some of the series’ hit songs. I also say a little something to stupid people who tweet fake celebrity deaths. MUSIC: “At Rest” by Kevin MacLeod SUBSCRIBE | 2ND CHANNEL: | FACEBOOK: | TWEET: BLACK NERD COMEDY: Sketches, Spoofs, Rants, Reviews, Interviews, Vlogs, Events, Music and Stand-Up from Actor/Comedian, Disney Channel Star and “Black Nerd” Andre Meadows. BLOG | SHOP TAGS rip hannah montana forever HannahMontana miley cyrus stewart MileyCyrus billy ray emily osment disney channel DisneyChannel season series finale final episode tweens teens girls salvia good luck charlie hoedown throwdown ice cream freeze justin bieber songs music monologue drama funny silly goofy laugh jokes black nerd comedy BlackNerd BlackNerdComedy AndreMeadows painting inspirational craft mitchel musso “montana miley” “montana movie” HONORS: #55 – Most Discussed (Today)) – Entertainment #144 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Entertainment – Canada #161 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Entertainment – Sweden #57 – Top Rated (Today)) – Entertainment

25 thoughts on “Black Nerd Comedy – RIP Hannah Montana (Series Finale) : Black Nerd Comedy

  1. she pole danced in front of thousands of little kids. I would be suprised if she even still has a career in the entertainment industry( maybe the adult entertainment industry though).

  2. Eh, I’m so not gonna miss Hannah Montana, FINALLY my cousin will stfu and move on to some other ridiculous obsession. x.x

    (Note: If Hannah really did die in the last episode I would SO watch that.)

  3. yes i do hate her. oh! but wait! she’s no longer around anymore because she ruined her own career by pole dancing in front of little kids. i knew her career wasn’t going to last very long outside of disney. plus i was not surprised considering the fact that i saw it coming. i just laugh at the thought that a few years ago parents were saying she was a good role model. I bet they got a shock seeing her pole dance on stage like a cheap stripper.

  4. I meant to type I’m gonna buy the first season DVD of Hannah Montana, final season DVD and maybe the movie of the show one day.

  5. i have to say that im glad that miley got out of Hannah Montana before she got to old, i mean her audience is young teen and preteen girls and miley deserves the chance to grow up and not have to worry about maintaining a pure image for the sake of her fans- that is what happens to so many of the disney stars coughlindsaylohancough

  6. That’s was really good that you did a monologue singing the songs of Hannah Montana. Since you did a special tribute to Hannah Montana at the last episode, I’m gonna but the final season DVD of Hannah Montana and maybe the first season and the movie of the show.

  7. I never thought a monolouge of Hannah Montana songs would be so freaking awesome and dramatic! youre the best

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