ATWG #3.1: ZADI DIAZ in FAIL FU?? – Black Nerd Awkward Talks with Girls #3.1

PART 2: COMING SOON | EXTRA VIDEO: ZADI DIAZ IN FAIL FU : Awkward Talks with Girls #3.1 : Black Nerd – I try to interview Zadi Diaz (Co-Creator, Producer and Host of “EPIC FU”) but cars, wind and a UPS truck get in the way. So many epic fails that I had to make this a 2-part video to get it all in. In part 1, we we talk about Zadi vs. Cameron Diaz, Zadi’s “purebred” race, Magic Johnson and the idea of “Fail FU.” #1 SPOTLIGHT VIDEO ON YOUTUBE: United States, Germany, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Sweden SPECIAL GUEST: Zadi Diaz | http | | WATCH ZADI DIAZ ON “EPIC FU” | http | BACKGROUND MUSIC: Kevin MacLeod THEME SONG Andre Meadows AWKWARD TALKS WITH GIRLS: Talk Series from Black Nerd Comedy, where Andre Meadows awkwardly interviews and flirts with women from movies, TV, web/new media and pop culture. Featuring the “Awkward 10 or Less” and a foot massage request. SUBSCRIBE: | 2ND CHANNEL: | FACEBOOK: | TWEET: BLACK NERD COMEDY: Sketches, Spoof, Rants, Reviews, Vlogs, Events, Music and Stand-Up from Actor/Comedian, Social Misfit and “Black Nerd” Andre Meadows. BLOG | SHOP TAGS awkward talks with girls
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “ATWG #3.1: ZADI DIAZ in FAIL FU?? – Black Nerd Awkward Talks with Girls #3.1

  1. HP7 Part 2 is phenomenal! My dad and I recently saw it leaked online. We stumbled upon it at watch harry potter. us (w/out the spaces)

  2. I kinda like his videos, enjoy the good looking women in his videos, but he has to lay off this black thing, who the fu** cares if you’re black.

  3. Que quieres que diga?… translate for Andre: u r so cute

    translate for people that speak spanish… what do u want me to say?

  4. @zadidiaz I’ve been a fan for a couple years, back when it was JetSetShow. I’ll be honest, I thought the show was going for the “pretty face” trick to draw us geeks in, but I was pleasantly proven wrong by your awesome insight and amazing snaps (lol yeah the snaps). And noticing your name was an anagram was the kicker.

    I love @BlackNerdComedy too. It annoys me that Youtube doesn’t often tell me about either of your updates! I have to rely on your Tweets! That’s messed up! Take care you two!

  5. @WHATTHEBUCKSHOW BUCK!!! Awesome! Thanks so much for checking out the video, dude. As for me and Zadi dating… I WISH!!! LOL!!! Thanks again for the shout-out here and on Twitter, you’re the best!!!

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