Another Day with Olga Kay – I touched a noodle

MOOSH POSTERS Katie Jess Intro by show them some love :D TUMBLR Facebook http People in this video Olga Jess YOUTUBE CHANNELS Playlists that will save you from boredom SKETCH COMEDY- EMO GIRL – ASK OLGA KAY- GAMING- NURSERY RHYMES- 2010 VIDEOS – TUBE TOP- VLOGS – ONLINE STORE CONNECT with me http MY IPHONE APP OlgaKay POBOX 17782 Van Nuys, CA 91416 See you guys next time!!! Hugs Olga aka MOOSH mommy WORLD – Karlie Kloss is an American model born on August 3, 1992. She is #8 on FashionTV’s First Face Countdown for Spring/Summer 2012. The girls on the First Face countdown have opened the most shows during the Fashion Weeks season and represent the top brands. Kloss was born…

50 thoughts on “Another Day with Olga Kay – I touched a noodle


  2. Omg Olga Kay i have the same sunglasses as the ones you were weaing in da hamac, and Your drawing in the best :)

  3. “i feel like… guys somebody farted in here. who farted? who farted? it wasn’t me.”

  4. i like how she walks on the runway, you really see a difference between her and other models, she walks with so much confidence but she’s also modest, and really cute :) i love her! go karlie

  5. i’ve searched for this song too and i’ve founded it for a few minutes ;) Its from Las Balkanieras- Whats Cooking

  6. Can someone please tell me what the name of the song is that starts at 5:33. I tried searching for it using the lyrics but nothing came up. much appreciated.

  7. no they pay for their own traveling and the magazines pay for the tickets when they have to shoot in another country

  8. she was never athletic (doutzen and hillary maybe), karlie was ballet dancer so she has slim built to begin with but i really wish i have her long legs XD

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