9 year old Amazing Dance video of Emily a very talented young girl hip hop dancer at practice 2010

Amazing Dance video of 9 year old Emily a very talented young girl. COMPARE THIS 2010 PRACTICE VIDEO TO HER 2011 PRACTICE VIDEO “Amazing 10 year old EMILY at Hip Hop Practice 2011″ LET HER KNOW IF YOU LIKE THE IMPROVEMENT 1 YR MAKES. – Choreography by Shawn Vitale – At 9 yrs old Emily shows Hip Hop as it should be danced Hip Hop Practice Feb 2010
Video Rating: 4 / 5

K-Pop girl group songs are some of the biggest songs out there. You know what’s also popular? When boy bands parody them for fun. It’s almost like the boys want to find an excuse to put on girl clothes and feminine make-up to put on one hell of a performance. Check out some of the hilarious…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “9 year old Amazing Dance video of Emily a very talented young girl hip hop dancer at practice 2010

  1. wow you people that disliked this have no heart! this girl is gunna get better as life goes by. Dont hate cause she has some moves and some of the haters that disliked this dont have nun! so… yeah

  2. So many people talking crap ? Really how old is she like 6? She’s obvioualy gonna get better but how many kids her age dance ? Wow I give this little girl props! Good Job Girl Hang In There ♥ :D

  3. i hope to follow her foot steps ever since i watched this video i have change my youtube name joined a hip hop club and practices this dance i havent got there yet but i will do soon WELL DONE EMILY VERY PROUD OF YOU BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME HOW YOU GOT THIS FAR INTO DANCING

  4. Pfft! loving the fact some people are saying “i could do that..its easy” i bet you guys couldn’t do that at the age of 9. okay? yeh they might look easy. but she probaly took months trying to learn it!

  5. ”Oh these moves are so easy, blah blah blah” shut up! She’s 9!! By the time she’ll be like, what 14,15 or so, she WILL make a great dancer! Besides which, if some of you really could do the steps your bloody selves so well, upload it then, so we can see for ourselves!

  6. @ariisboss13 You can be any age to start dancing but to be as good as her you have to either keep going and do lots of dancing for a few years. It’s easier to do it when your younger because you are more flexible and believe it or not it’s easier to learn. So you could try it out but it might be a while until you are as good as her unless your really flexible already? It would be easier than. Don’t worry i’m a dancer so I know what i’m talking about!!! :D

  7. OMG O_O Teen Top doing Shy Boy….that was when they were still RELE new rite? im sorry, but NOT a fan of the hair….and its kinda funny how when girl groups cover boy group dances, its not funny, yet when guy groups cover girl group dances, its hilarious….well it IS funnier….

  8. during wonder girls-so hot cover.. shindong so beautiful and he look thinner than usual.. hehe and seungri so so so CUTE..! love him..

  9. Oh God! Taemin looks friggin’ cute at SNSD’s second song..I was like ..who’s that cute GIRL ..WAIT! That’s TAEMIN?! KYAAAAAA So cute! Is it okay for me to like Taemin when I thougt he was a girl at first?! :) LUV YA TAEMIN!

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