#7 Daria Strokous – Spring 2012 First Face Countdown | FashionTV – FTV

www.FTV.com WORLD – Daria Strokous is a Russian model who was born in Moscow. She is #7 on our First Face countdown for Spring/Summer 2012. FashionTV highlights the top models who opened the most shows this season in this countdown. After being born in Moscow, her family moved to Benin,…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “#7 Daria Strokous – Spring 2012 First Face Countdown | FashionTV – FTV

  1. Love an intellectual model. All of her answers seem very articulated. I really like her and I hope she goes far.

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  3. on the runway she’s cool, but if i saw her on the street there’d be no way i’d think she was pretty, at all

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  7. optic you guys are ubique you dont deserve to get hacked midnite/12am which ever one you prefere you great and you know it keep it hope you readd this :)

  8. I font have a preference between either one. Some people aren’t good at commentaries and i think they should stick with montages however comms seem like the gamer is actually interested in u and makes it more interesting

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